Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dancing Sun in a Frozen Eternity

With temperatures running so low here, on the East Coast, the only thing I want to do is crawl under a fluffy cashmere blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and wait until the sun comes out. There's an enormous snow factory running 24/7 high in the sky - I haven't seen that much snow in my whole life!

There's so much inspiration around, obviously, but noooo...no-no-no. The grass has to be greener on the other side. On this note, I created a necklace that has been inspired by what's months and months, actually, an eternity ahead - hot long summer days with reading silly novels belly down on the grass under huge oaks and weaving dandelion wreaths.

Only white dandelions. I'm secretly enamored by them.

Only an inside out dandelion with exposed seeds...

                                                   ...Dandelion De-constructed...

...made from freshwater pearls, oxidized sterling silver and accented with a opaque green chrysoprase drop. Available in whyzee shop on Etsy.



  1. Oh! you have a lot of excess snow - lend me a bit:)

  2. Yana, take all you want. We get a new shipment every week :)


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