Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turning Heads

Hey Loves,

I'm back from my Home Home (Belarus) vacation, ready to get inspired all over again. Just finished reading Crazy! a post by Garance Dore, where she asks:


I've always considered myself a pretty adventurous dresser (is it my bad English or there's such a thing?) I wouldn't hesitate to try new trends, dive into my mom's treasures of the eras gone by and diligently rake through Goodwills and vintage eBay for that one piece , whose brand and season you'd never guess. Yet when I so passionately went through my closet today, shelf by shelf, hanger by hanger, my heart sank. Everything I once considered out of the box looked so normal I almost cried. Maybe it's my job at Saks, where I'm surrounded by pieces like these...

... that has made my eye immune to craziness.

Anyways, the following two pieces jumped out at me. Really, not the is-she-out-of-her-mind crazy, but I-wish-I-could-pull-that-off crazy. Compliment-evoking crazy. 

This vintage Ann Taylor Studio silk skirt is an eBay find. When I set my eye on it, I didn't feel like it was an outrageous, boundary-pushing piece. The skirt is covered in international stamps - I used to collect them as a child - I just felt an instant connection - I was smitten - it had to be mine. Every time I put it on, it's just a bright skirt from afar --- >

yet turns into a conversation piece as the distance gets shorter < ---

Another crazy piece I found is these neon Manolos. I got them being high from neon spreads in the magazines. I find them sublime, the spirals of delicate straps - super sensual, the heels (what was I thinking?) super high. I LOVE THEM! Now, the craziest thing about them is that I never wore them. They are so perfect, they are not supposed to be worn, right? They are supposed to sit right next to you when you indulge in a spoonful of creme brulee for the ultimate paradise.

To sum it up, I like a clever print, a strategically placed detail, a flattering yet boundary pushing silhouette.  I feel I learned to incorporate crazy into my wardrobe in a way that looks organic, yet starts a conversation. I don't think you need a pair of embroidered hands grabbing your boobs to look fresh, quirky and out of the box.

What is the craziest piece of clothing that you posses?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LUNA earrings

It's been awhile since I made jewelry. But these beautiful hemimorphite briolettes were too perfect for spending their days in the darkness of my gem supply box. Simple design, clean modern lines. Though the color play withing the gems looks more like carribean seashore, they remind me of moonshine. LUNA stands for "moon" in Russian. Available now in whyzee shop.

Friday, July 6, 2012

LookBook: Summer Wardrobe Essentials

There was a time when I wouldn't wear a skirt or a dress for anything in the world - I was a tomboy growing up. It took me years to realize that skirts and dresses are much more comfortable and convenient compared to shorts and pants: no stretched out knees, no panty lines - unless it's a skin tight cocoon, ample "ventilation" on hot summer days :-) Besides, you don't really have to think much in putting an outfit together if part of it if a dress.

Needless to say sundresses are my summer wardrobe staple!

I wanted to share a look, made up from my summer essentials.

1. a dress
You really don't have to break the bank in getting a cute summer dress.
My to-go brands: H&M, Zara, Forever21, Madewell

2. a pair of earrings
I don't wear any other jewelry pieces during summer.
My to-go brands: All Good Jewelry (Boston) and, of course, Whyzee on Etsy

3. a pair of sandals
Preferably flat, made from thick and sturdy saddle leather in rust or cognac color (+ an extra pair of colored ones)
My to-go brand: J.Crew

4. a canvas tote
With stripes! No leather bags for summer for me!
My to-go brand: Gap

That's it!

What are your summer wardrobe staples?

Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY: Sock Bun

Everyone at work is obsessed with putting their hair up now that the temps are at their highest. The most popular style is a sock bun. I'm a little bit over it by now as I see so many every day, but every now and then it's a really cute thing to pull of.

Here is an awesome DIY video by Rebecca Kelsey of how you make a sock bun:

Enjoy the week!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week in Pictures

I Know, I know! My closets are ripping at the seams,
but how do you resist a summer sale at H&M ,
Zara or anywhere else for that matter?

Photo: Trips Through Germany

Schwetzingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany
Before I came to US, I was very lucky to spend two years in Germany. I had lots of time on my hands on the week ends so my friend and I dedicated them to local travel. Because the public transport system was very convenient, we were able to see quite a bit. I will be sharing the pictures I took from those mini vacations from time to time. Here is another photo from the same trip I posted earlier.
I posted this particular picture, because Garance Dore inspired me by sharing this one
Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

LookBook: Summer Wedding

I'm pretty sure at least some of you have been invited to a wedding this summer. 


1. What do you wear? 
2. How do I dress not to outshine the bride?
3. What if it's several weddings? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I really don't know how I managed to wait for so long to get my very first Converse sneakers. The color of thunderstorm, the comfort of walking on a cloud. I really am behind the trends a lot. You know how fashion repeats itself in cycles of 10-20 years? I always wake up sometime in the middle to catch up. By the time I'm sick of my own trend, THE TREND comes back. Very convenient, isn't it? A way to stand out. I love it! Do you?

ETSY FINDS Newsletter Feature

 I'm so excited that my ~ m e r m a i d ~ necklace made it into Etsy Finds email newsletter today! Thank you Etsy & Nicole :-)

m e r m a i d :: necklace

Thursday, June 7, 2012

LookBook: Keep or Toss?

Three hours into belated spring cleaning of my closet I found this rain coat. It is the only piece I was very hesitant about whether to keep or toss and it took some styling to label it as "rediscovered". It was purchased as vintage on Etsy, the labels are missing, but the look is very Ali Ro. I'm digging the shorter front hem and hidden hood! What d'ya think?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thinking Out Loud: the Chemistry of Inspiration

Since my career path developed an unexpected turn (when I decided to professionally dive into the world of fashion), ironically enough I've been lacking any kind of jewelry-making inspiration.

this rhombus pendant is the first piece of my new geometric collection (still on paper)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tested and Loved: Summer Scent

It's almost summer - a season that brings clutter into my beauty cabinet and headache in front of the beauty counters. It seems like the amount of product ads in the magazines grows ten-fold tricking my mind into thinking I have to have it all or else ... uneven tone, freckles, sunburned nose, sun bleached eyelashes, frizzy hair, etc, etc ... NO THANKS! ... and my wallet looses pounds faster than my toned body on a juicing cleanse.

Thus, I decided to start a new rubric Tested and Loved where I would love to share with you the few products that I had a chance to test and fall in love with.

Monday, May 14, 2012


As I was growing up, my mom used to remind over and over that "every person is beautiful". She further elaborated that the appearance doesn't matter much, because as you grow to know a person, his inner beauty finds its way onto the surface. I think it was one of the greatest lessons she taught me that I will make sure to pass onto my children as well.

The pop culture relentlessly emphasizes the importance of looking a certain way.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dandelion Parachutes

I absolutely love when it rains ... when I can stay at home under my massive comforter.
Since I have to step into the water puddles in five minutes, I'm dreaming of a sunny summer filled with miniature dandelion parachutes.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Do I Love Spring?

Because even the stupid building right in front of our windows cannot stop the light and the greenery overflowing from all around.

And when I wake up and open the curtains...

...all I see is this...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

LookBook: Highlight and Downplay

When a woman wants to looks her best, one of the most challenging parts of creating her look is highlighting her favorite/most attractive features and camouflaging the ones that make her feel self-conscious.

As Sharon Stone once said: "You cannot look sexy if you are uncomfortable."

I wanted to show you a look transformation from A to B that undergone careful editing. Accessorizing is the key, but all details must speak the same language without competing with each other.

★ bridal shower guest
to hightlight
★ toned legs and arms (showcase without revealing too much)
to camouflage
stomach area (ruching effect)

Click on images to locate each item online.


look elements
AKRIS PUNTO top + skirt
IPPOLITA earrings


look elements
AKRIS PUNTO top + skirt
IPPOLITA earrings
REED KRAKOFF envelope clutch

Saturday, April 28, 2012

LookBook: Colorblocker - Rocker - Chick

★ event planner day to night look

look elements
THEYSKEN'S THEORY sleeveless button down blouse
J BRAND denim
B by BRIAN ANTWOOD sandals

  Click on images to locate each item online.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LookBook: Marine Hues

★ beach side wedding, mother of the groom

look elements
 IPPOLITA earrings
 PRADA wedges

 All images are clickable! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LookBook: Intro

As some of you know, I'm a stylist and personal shopper by work days and an aspiring jeweler by days off. Helping people look their best at different moments in their life and for different occasions is challenging yet rewarding in the long run. It is a humbling experience time and time again when people from various walks of life trust my taste and expertise.

Every aspect of my styling job inspires my jewelry designs directly or indirectly. By introducing a new rubric LOOKBOOK I wanted to share with you the most successful looks my clients and I put together so that you could get inspired in turn to be more creative at whatever you do.

Look details:

★ a young artist gallery exhibition 

look elements
 GILES & BROTHER earrings

 All images are clickable!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Someday, Somehow...

Ever since my mom read a famous (in USSR) book "Sakura Branch", she wanted to visit Japan one day. I really hope I will make that wish come true for her.

I created this drawing with that idea in mind. While I'm working to make it happen, I wanted to bring a little piece of Japan to Belarus, where my family still lives. A Japanese girl on a bus stop I "grew up" on. Someday, somehow...

What dreams do you secretly want for you loved ones to come true?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Spring has finally stepped foot in Boston. Time to revisit the wardrobe and find new old favorites as well as shop for add-ons. My absolute favorite thing to do when it comes to creating new looks is to mix modern and vintage, prints, textures, feminine and masculine. This way I know for sure noone else will look like me....until tomorrow :-)
I didn't say that aloud, did I?

In the meantime, drawing No. 3

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