Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week in Pictures

I Know, I know! My closets are ripping at the seams,
but how do you resist a summer sale at H&M ,
Zara or anywhere else for that matter?

Contemplating about having a dog. It's been ongoing for the past
2 years since we moved into an animal friendly apartment.
Gradually warming up to bulldogs -
they are actually pretty cuddly!

Ginkgo leaves always make me smile. 

Finally found THE FLIPFLOPS. They are simply divine.
Later, in detail.

Way to start the week end - with some warm, jasmine
 perfumed, pure L.O.V.E.

This image pops in my head every now and then during the
week. I love week-end, that bench and my iPad.

Pure bliss!

More bliss...

1/10 mile long "hike" through the urban jungle to fulfill my exercise
needs :-)

Paralyze resistance with persistence.
~ Woody Hayes
Someone! Remind me on Wednesday :-) 

My mom's favorite flower. I miss you, mom!

Really? I never got the garden gnomes in Germany, but this
is plain bizarre.

Wednesday ... persistence - resistance.

A little luck never hurts.

Sunset ...
... Sunrise ...
And here is goes again .........

Have a fruitful week y'all!

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