Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Winter, how much I missed you!

Privet (hi in Russian),

I've just looked into the deep dark jungle of "my docs" to date and archive the pictures I took of the jewelry I made in 2010. Trying to hold onto a timeline, it seems I did a fair job. Flickr photos look pretty bright and crisp. It's really hard to believe that I started to play with wire just a year ago or is it a whole year ago? Time goes by so fast, yet it seems that to master something you do you need an eternity.

I'm really excited about the 20 inches of snow we had the other day. I haven't seen, smelled or trampled snow in 7 years!! How is it possible, having been raised in Eastern Europe, you'd ask. I wonder myself and squeeze a huge Cheshire cat smile as I look out of the window.
While the grass is greener here,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello, blogosphere, here comes Y. Z.

Hello, my name is Yuliya.

I grew up in my mom's jewelry box, taking apart her vintage necklaces and wirewrapping rose rings for my girlfriends from rainbow colored telephone cables. I knew the names of all gems before I started algebra. I escaped to the drawing school from the dance class once, but quit trying my hand at arts when my parents almost got a heart attack from that incident. I also lived through school years daydreaming of summer, when I'd go to the Azov sea with the girls of my family to bask under the sun, collect shells and shop at the most lavish jewelry boutiques I knew. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, but I have an edgy side too, which I work on revealing sometime in this blog. I'll keep you posted ;)
The reason I decided to blog? I couldn't fall asleep last night thinking there must be so many people out there doing the same things I like to do, only I've never met them in real life and I wonder what brought them to love, what I love, namely, create jewelry. I wondered if they had blisters on their hands from wire-wrapping or just blistered gray matter when they couldn't fall asleep because of the constant train of new ideas boiling in their head. I'll try to spill over as much as I can about my love of all things beautiful and how I came to appreciate what human mind and hands can jawdroppingly concoct.

Until then,
~ whyzee
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