Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Winter, how much I missed you!

Privet (hi in Russian),

I've just looked into the deep dark jungle of "my docs" to date and archive the pictures I took of the jewelry I made in 2010. Trying to hold onto a timeline, it seems I did a fair job. Flickr photos look pretty bright and crisp. It's really hard to believe that I started to play with wire just a year ago or is it a whole year ago? Time goes by so fast, yet it seems that to master something you do you need an eternity.

I'm really excited about the 20 inches of snow we had the other day. I haven't seen, smelled or trampled snow in 7 years!! How is it possible, having been raised in Eastern Europe, you'd ask. I wonder myself and squeeze a huge Cheshire cat smile as I look out of the window.
While the grass is greener here,

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