Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to Basics

It's hard to tell when my love for jewelry got the first spark, but I tend to trace the beginnings of all things that I grew to love back to the Azov Sea. That's where I spent all summer holidays and got to meet a handful of new relatives every year. Southern nations breed fast under the sun :) I picked divine looking shells with my cousins and turned them into little spoons or mother of pearl nails. Anyways, this blue lace agate and sterling silver necklace is a tribute to my origins, the Azov Sea.



  1. очень красивое колье,даже не могу представить,как ты это все делаешь своими руками:)).А я в детстве тоже частенько на Азовском море отдыхала:)),может мы там рядышком раковины искали:))

  2. Juli, thanks for the compliment. I started creating jewelry about a year ago and tried to learn bit by bit every day. Books, online tutorials, and sometimes through pure experimentation. And the Ukranian summers I spent in Berdyansk :)


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