Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turning Heads

Hey Loves,

I'm back from my Home Home (Belarus) vacation, ready to get inspired all over again. Just finished reading Crazy! a post by Garance Dore, where she asks:


I've always considered myself a pretty adventurous dresser (is it my bad English or there's such a thing?) I wouldn't hesitate to try new trends, dive into my mom's treasures of the eras gone by and diligently rake through Goodwills and vintage eBay for that one piece , whose brand and season you'd never guess. Yet when I so passionately went through my closet today, shelf by shelf, hanger by hanger, my heart sank. Everything I once considered out of the box looked so normal I almost cried. Maybe it's my job at Saks, where I'm surrounded by pieces like these...

... that has made my eye immune to craziness.

Anyways, the following two pieces jumped out at me. Really, not the is-she-out-of-her-mind crazy, but I-wish-I-could-pull-that-off crazy. Compliment-evoking crazy. 

This vintage Ann Taylor Studio silk skirt is an eBay find. When I set my eye on it, I didn't feel like it was an outrageous, boundary-pushing piece. The skirt is covered in international stamps - I used to collect them as a child - I just felt an instant connection - I was smitten - it had to be mine. Every time I put it on, it's just a bright skirt from afar --- >

yet turns into a conversation piece as the distance gets shorter < ---

Another crazy piece I found is these neon Manolos. I got them being high from neon spreads in the magazines. I find them sublime, the spirals of delicate straps - super sensual, the heels (what was I thinking?) super high. I LOVE THEM! Now, the craziest thing about them is that I never wore them. They are so perfect, they are not supposed to be worn, right? They are supposed to sit right next to you when you indulge in a spoonful of creme brulee for the ultimate paradise.

To sum it up, I like a clever print, a strategically placed detail, a flattering yet boundary pushing silhouette.  I feel I learned to incorporate crazy into my wardrobe in a way that looks organic, yet starts a conversation. I don't think you need a pair of embroidered hands grabbing your boobs to look fresh, quirky and out of the box.

What is the craziest piece of clothing that you posses?

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