Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it still January?....One more resolution, please.

I know, I know, I should have compiled my 2011 resolutions list well before Jan 1, but being a person who likes jumping into the wagon at the last minute (read...LIBRA), it pretty normal for me. next (yeah, I managed to already squeeze a few in the front) resolution would be
...drum roll...
drink coffee. 
I was fighting it as long as I could...approximately, my whole life. 
I even finally found the perfect tea 

that I would take with me to the moon and back if I only was allowed to choose one drink.
It's super tasty, though highly sedative...
But having spend 2010 with my eyes half-open made me miss on half the fun. 
Can no longer rely on matchsticks to keep 'em open, 

even if it looks pretty some...not to me, at least not anymore.
Here's to coffee and to keeping eyes open (Juli, my fellow blogger made me realize this simple truth).

Someone...please fix my combat uniform -
I'm joining the forces.

Have a great day, you, coffedrinkers...
P.S. Any ideas on what coffee brand will take me to the moon and back?

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