Sunday, February 6, 2011

Victorian Dogs

While walking around Boston neighborhoods, I love capturing everyday moments that reflect our time. When I saw these dogs - it seemed like I was taken 100 years back. I had a feeling they were the masters of the house with no human hand in sight. It was a surreal scene. The two buddies just sat still watching life go by.

Have a great week!
~ whyzee


  1. Puddle!!! I love the dogs-)) I love both of the dogs-))

  2. Yeah, they are cute :) I imagine a hunter walking out from that door.

  3. What a wonderful picture! I love walking through neighborhoods and getting a sense of others' lives, and dogs just make it all the better. I just saw that you joined my blog - I hadn't looked at that in a while so I'm sorry I just noticed - and wanted to stop by and say hi to you! I'm going to take some time now and check out your blog!


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