Monday, April 2, 2012

The Slings and Arrows of a Day Off

No day is better than the one when you do not feel obligated to do anything...

I love my days off, because
I choose my own pace of being super productive jumping from bed to sofa and between magazines, TV channels, fridge stuffed with healthy ingredients ready snacks that take hours one minute to put together.

The best thing is that the guilt of not having done one thing from the Super Productive List only kicks in after the dinner has happily found its way into the stomach. Which is not bad until I realize that although my creative SELF feels all warm and fuzzy, I have to wear the same dress to work as the day before...grrrr

My "fuzzy" list for today:
- ship the sold jewelry
- make at least one new piece (earrings I conceived about three months ago)
- watch Real Housewives of Whatever State (I'm a junkie for Drama by Bravo)
- go out to soak some sun before sunset without the stress of trying to be on time for work

My "not-so-fuzzy" list:
Really, no more different than the one you set up to follow on your days off.

How often do you manage not to get derailed by the "fuzzy" list?

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