Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LACE earrings

Here is a new design - Lace earrings!

 Lace, to my mind, is a web made of dreams. We all have dreams and different ways to materialize them. You know how a psychiatrist can tell a lot about your inner machine by just looking at a drawing. So does a handmade lace tell about it's creator. There are no rules. The fingers just move rhythmically to the tune of your soul.

These gorgeous chandelier earrings are ethereal. They aren't heavy, but have a weight of quality. They also dance to their own tune. The combination of opaque pink opal, semi-translucent rose quartz and the subtle shine of freshwater pearls is magical! 

Loops of silver look like eyelets suspended in the air. I oxidized sterling silver to the gunmetal shade, because there's nothing more gorgeous and classy than the marriage of gunmetal and pink.

~ whyzee ~

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